Introduction to Pilates One Day Course


2 hour Pilates Session for people wanting to know about posture, breathing and muscle engagement.
Classes are taught by an experienced Foundation trained pilates teacher.
Held at 5.00pm - 7.00pm near London Bridge (BSO) on Thursday.

Price £60 (one person) or £80 (for two people)

Posture, Alignment, Co-ordination, Relaxing, Toning, Centering, Mindfulness


Pilates was pioneered by Joseph Pilates last century. He developed from a sickly child to a strong, fit adult by using an exercise programme inspired by his athletic father.

Pilates is a form of exercise underpinned by a philosophy for living. There are many different Pilates methods, most adhere to a number of principles, that often include co-ordination, centering, breathing, precision, control and flow. More information can be found at the link on the right, history of pilates.

Today Pilates is worldwide, with over 11 million people practicing this around the world, it often makes headlines when famous people like, Pippa Middleton, Madonna and Olympic Athletes promote it's benefits.

Pilates is an ever evolving method of movement technology, which uses the latest knowledge of bio-mechanics to shape the technical movements used in the exercise classes.

We sometimes forget that we are mammals and our bodies need exercising. Having a sedentary office or computer based lifestyle can, over time, have a range of unhelpful affects on our bodies, especially if a balance is not struck with taking a regular range of exercises and our daily work.

Pilates is one system designed to redress this balance.

Whether you are at school, a professional athlete, disabled, a business woman, a mother or retired,
there will be many benefits to you from doing Pilates Classes with a qualified teacher.

For your overall well being - keep active every day.

Pilates Peace classes starts with a gentle form of Pilates leading into more challenging exercises.

Please note classes run during term time only; there is no class during August.


  • MONDAY - Borough
  • One to One Class - British School of Osteopathy - 5.30pm
  • One to One Class - British School of Osteopathy - 6.30pm to 7.30pm
  • .
  • TUESDAY - ---
  • One to One - PM
  • .
  • WEDNESDAY - ---
  • One to One - AM
  • Patchwork Present - Harefield Road, SE4 - 6pm
  • .
  • THURSDAY - Borough
  • One to One - AM
  • One to One Class - British School of Osteopathy - 5pm
  • One to One Class - British School of Osteopathy - 6.30pm to 7.30pm
  • .
  • FRIDAY - ---
  • One to One - AM
  • Group Class -Fusion Forest Hill Pools, 8.30pm to 9.30pm.
  • .
  • Group Class 8.30am - Brockley
  • .
  • Introduction to Holistic Pilates - Max 4 people
  • Thursday 5.00pm to 7.00pm

Group Class or One-to-One?

A group class has a general focus and is for people who are generally in good health.

For people who are experiencing long term health limiting conditions for example, acute back pain, a health condition currently being treated by a medical professional, limited mobility, had a recent back operation; this class will not be suitable for them and they are advised to have one-to-one sessions initially.

The main difference being in a one-to-one session:

1. The session is all about you and your needs
2. You can move at your own pace and do not have to try to keep up with the pace of an active group and consequently you can better understand the exercises being given

About the Group Classes

The classes are all matwork based, the structure of the lesson is often to start with co-ordinated breathing with body movements, then gentle warming up of major joints, spinal articulation and then into the traditional Pilates repertoire.

Some times the entire session is given over to quiet meditation.

Sometimes small props are used like a theraband, overball and a block.

In some classes participants are put into pairs to do paired exercises.

Often the lesson focus is on lengthening and strengthening throughout the body.

The class is quite gentle with abdominal challenge.

This is a non-competitive class, where participants are encourage to 'listen' to their bodies to ensure each exercise is right for them.

The focus is on safety so a gentle approach to the exercise is paramount.

Participants can opt in or out of any exercise during the lesson.

For those people who invest in a 5-session voucher, they are given a homework sheet and expected to complete around 10 minutes of Pilates three times a week, so as to incorporate Pilates more so into their lives and consequently really obtain the benefits. The focus is on pilates progression through effort outside each session.

Although some people say they find regularly attending the class has helped them physically, this is not a remedial class, for people new to Pilates with acute back conditions it is advisable to have a one-to-one session, a general group class will NOT be suitable.

What to bring to class?

Just wear normal gym type clothing such as a lycra top and legging, you can wear socks for some exercises although most are done in barefeet.

In the locations where mats are not provided, you will need to bring a pilates mat. If you do not have a pilates mat, there are links on the right to places where you can get a pilates mat online.

In case you get thirsty and hot, do bring bottled water and a small towel.

FAQ - Does Pilates help in weight loss?

No, this is a non cardio-vascular form of exercise.

What is good about pilates is if you currently do little or no exercise it provides an excellent way to get into an exercise routine and often does propel participants into doing other forms of exercise.

For weight loss Pilates should be regularly done alongside aerobic exercise.

Is this class suitable for pregnant women?

This is a general group class, some exercises are not suitable for pregnancy especially during the second and third trimester.

Pregnant women during their second and third trimester should therefore attend a specifically designed pre-natal pilates class.


  • Introductory Workshop - £60, (£80 for two people) Max 3 people
  • ---
  • One to One - One Class - £40, conc £30
  • Concessions means claiming benefits
  • ---
  • Group Class - £10 drop in, £8 conc.
  • ---
  • Home Visits £50 - with 20% reduction for multiple bookings
  • (Multiple means 5 or more consecutive lessons)
  • ---
  • For special deals and concessionary rates, join the mailing list
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Refund policy

Block Booking
If a block booking is made, refunds can be given up to 7 days following purchase of the block booking, after this time no refund will be made.

Group Classes
For group class booking a refund will be given up to 24hours prior to the class.

One to One
For one to one booking a refund will be given up to 48hours prior to the booking.
If you have any questions about this please contact the email/number below.